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Why Hire an Architect?

Now that you've decided to create a new home of your own, what's the best way to complete the design and make sure it's built right? From the big picture to all the details that bring a home to life, there is much more involved than drawing up floorplans. Hiring an architect should be one of your next steps and here's why:

  1. It takes a team of people to design and build a house. Your architect is like the quarterback of the team creating your new home, your advocate and advisor through the process. Your architect understands the whole process, listens to exactly what you want, and always looks out for your interests.
  2. Home creation can be thought of as a complex puzzle. Not only must the beautiful, completed picture be conceived, the small, complicated pieces that comprise the beautiful picture must be considered. The architect can start with the big picture, and then move adeptly into the building blocks.
  3. Discovering half-way through that your new home is not coming together as you hoped, or worse, completing it only to find that it is not working for you and your family is disappointing and costly. Your architect has experience, knowledge and training that will help him or her create the right home for you, capturing your personal style as well as the functional details that make a house a home. Spending money up front to get the right design will save you money and time in the long run.
  4. Your architect will consider the intangible aspects of your home such as fit, feel, proportion, and aesthetics. These psychological aspects of your home are every bit as important as the list of rooms and total square footage.

You deserve to get the house of your dreams when you dive into the home creation process. An architect is the right choice for helping you get there.